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Amoghpash Lokeswar is the multi-armed avatar of Avalokitesvar that has been popular in the Kathmandu Valley ever since the Middle Ages. With an antelope skin around his shoulder, his eight hands hold accoutrements or make gestures, signifying his compassionate, missionary-like personality. Amoghpash Lokeswar is surrounded by different symbols and deities: topmost is the Pancha Buddha, while tin the center of the panel along the bottom is powerful deity Mahankala with White Tara and Green Tara by his side. On the two sides of the main figure are eight auspicious symbols of the Dikpals, the guardians of the directions. They are, clockwise from the left to bottom: Vajra, Shree Batsh; Yama Dand, lotus; Naag, Dhwaja; wood apple; Kalas, Chakra; Agni Vase, Chatra, Sword, Pisces; Dhwaja, conch shell and Trisul. The avatar’s hands are engaged in various mudras and actions. Two of the figure’s right hands show the abhayamudra and varadamudra; one holds the Amoghpash, or the infallible rope used to pull beings out of suffering, and the other a scripture. The left hand holds the water vessel, lotus trident and rosary, all of which signify the avatar’s capacity to elevate sentient beings into Buddhahood.





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