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Kampo Bahal Galleryは2007年にNew YorkのKampo Cultural Center(KCC)1階に開設され、ネパールの仏像は2010年にKCCが35年の幕を閉じるまで展示されていました。上のマークをクリックすると当時の様子が見れます。

Kampo Bahal Gallery was opened in 2007 by Shokei Harada. Bhudda statues from Nepal were exhibited until 2010 when Kampo Cultural Center has finished its 35 years of mission in USA. You can see how it looked like if you click the banner.






Maitree Ratna Shakya

Art Director & Manufacturer


My great grandfather and grandfather were artists, and they mostly created metal Buddhist figures and designed and crafted gold and silver jewelry. My father was an artist too, and to expand the skills, traveled to Tibet around the age of 18 and spent few years there working as a jewelry craftsman. The Chinese occupation in Tibet forced him to return to Nepal, where he later began working on copper statues using the lost-wax process of casting. He also hand-carved some statues and even gold-plated them himself. The growing demand for my father’s sculpture required him to train others in his craft to work alongside him. At that time,I was around 7 or 8. My grandfather and father inspired me to learn the techniques of carving statues and making the tools that are required for the process. It is important to note that we still make all the tools used in carving our statues today. Since my father was very occupied in the manufacturing process, I felt I have to support him and our family heritage by monitoring the production line and marketing. At the age of 20, I began to travel to merchandise our products overseas. This gave me the opportunity to study the art of different Asian cultures and enable me to corporate the knowledge and efforts into sculpture we produce, to make it a work of art. This has helped us to attain customer appreciation and further spread our craftwork. I feel that through the history of Newari art, the present era marks a notable improvement in the quality of our craftsmanship. I feel it is of the utmost importance to preserve our crafts by creating a source of inspiration for the next generation.

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