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Green Tara is regarded as the spiritual consort of Amogasiddhi, one the Dhyani Buddhas.  Her portrayal is similar to that of the White Tara, however Green Tara holds a half-closed lotus or water lily with long petals, often blue, in her hand. In the Tibetan tradition, Tara is incarnated in all good women.  She is also known to have mortal incarnations in historic persons, such as Nepalese and Chinese princesses who married the great king Srang-Tsan Gampo, who is credited with introducing Buddhism into Tibet and China. Green Tara is mainly worshiped because she brings all that is good in women. Moreover, the cultivation of Tara sadhana will eliminate all demonic and karmic obstacles, eradicate disaster and lengthen one’s lifespan.



グリーンタラはDhyani Buddhasのひとり、Almogasiddhiの精神的伴侶といわれる。外見はホワイトタラと似ているが、グリーンタラは半開きの蓮の花もしくは青くて長い花びらの睡蓮を持っている。チベットの伝統では、すべての良い女性はタラの化身といわれる。歴史上の人物サランツァンギャンポ大王に嫁いだネパールや中国の姫たちもタラの化身といわれ、チベットと中国に仏教を取り入れた。タラは女性に良いすべてのことをもたらす。そればかりか、タラを拝むことは魔性の障害物や悪運を取り除き、災難を無くし、その人の一生を長くする。

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