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The Dipankar Buddha is a deity from the Mahayana branch of Buddhism. He is the "Enlightener" and one of the earliest of the many assumed predecessors of Gautama Buddha, who was considered the 25th in a lineage of wise men. Dipankar is said to have come from the mythological city of Deepavati, and at the moment of his birth there was a miraculous manifestation of a innumerable bright lamps or "dipa,"  hence he was named Dipankar. Dipankar is believed to have lived 100,000 years on earth. His right hand displays the Abhaya mudra while his left hand displays the Varada. He is shown either sitting or standing with a monastic garment with pleated edges draped over his left shoulder; his lower garments are pleated in the manner of a flower skirt.




ディパンカー仏陀はマハヤナ仏教の神である。彼は悟りを与え、初期のゴウタマブッダの前任者のひとりであった。彼は25番目の賢者と見なされる。ディパンカーはディーパワティという伝説の町から来たといわれる。生まれた時は奇跡的なまぶしい光(dipa)が現れたのでディパンカーと名付けられ、10万年生きたと信じられている。彼の右手はAbhaya mudraを、左手にはVaradaを持っている。僧院の衣は肩からかけられ、花の形をした、ひだのあるスカートをはいている。

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