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2015年にスタジオ録音された“El Repertorio Federal”はタンゴやミロンガ、ザンバスやチャカレラスを編集した彼らの初のアルバムである。全12曲はアルゼンチン音楽の異なるスタイルを網羅し、独特のオリレロサウンドとなっている。


Halling from Buenos Aires, Argentina, El Duo Orillero, formed in 2014, is comprised of bandoneonist Tomas Diaz and guitarist Juan Cruz “El Chavo” Barbero. With more than 60 shows played in the first half of 2016, El Duo Orillero is offering their “Instrumental Tango” repertoire; Fully dedicated to Tango dancers, as well as admirers of genre. With a classic and powerful sound, their repertoire transits different eras and authors in one coherent and adhesive show. Interpreted by this two-man band, the work of Troilo, Gobbi, Plaza, Piazzolla and Arolas amongst others, come to life in an enchanting and soulful way.

“El repertorio Federal”, their first studio album- recorded in December 2015- is a compilation of Tangos, Milongas, Zambas and Chacareras. 12 tracks that cover different style of Argentinian music with the same characteristic of Orillero sound.

El Duo Orillero has scheduled a Japanese tour for March and April, 2017, sponsored an coordinated by cultural producer Hiroko Matoba, where they will be available for private and public presentations in Tokio and other cities.

El Duo Orillero has invited the young singer Keila Tonello to the Japan tour 2017.

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