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観峰流書伝八道(序)発売中 観峰流の起源、観峰先生の人となりなど

The Eight Methods of Kampo School of Calligraphy OUT NOW

The origin of Kampo School of Calligraphy / About Master Kampo Harada


​英語字幕選択可 (English subtitle)

Master Kampo Harada created the Kampo School of Calligraphy. His son and successor, Shokei Harada, had completed a compilation of a method of Kampo School of Calligraphy as his lifework, of which new series of video lessons will help you learn and appreciate Master Kampo’s style of writing. Here you will be fascinated not only by Kampo’s powerful and beautiful writing but by the man himself. Your tour of his wonderful world of calligraphy will be guided by the narration by Eikoh Miyagawa, who has served as his secretary for decades. (You can choose English subtitles.)

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