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書道の勉学の場、鑑賞の場として長年愛されてきた京都  岡崎の観峰美術館。このたびバーチャル美術館として、時空を超えて皆さまのもとで展観いたします。どうぞごゆっくりとご鑑賞ください。

For decades, the Kampo Museum in Kyoto’s Okazaki area offered a place to study and appreciate calligraphy, winning a place in the hearts of thousands. Now, these beloved exhibitions are throwing off the limits of time and space to come to you through a virtual museum of art, the Virtual Kampo Museum. We hope this will fulfill all your hopes and expectations.

DVD  定価  ¥2,500 Blu-ray  定価  ¥3,000

ミニ図録 Mini Catalog(20×14cm)付き

​(二カ国語版 Bilingual)

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