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Padmasambhav was a renowned and highly learned tantric saint in Northern India. In the middle of the eight century King Thi-Sron Detsan invited the learned guru to Tibet. Padmasambhav was respected for his knowledge of tantras and of their efficacious application. He remained in Tibet for fifty years, founding monasteries and teaching the tantra doctrine. He is said to have subdued all the malignant gods in the Tibet, sparing only those who converted to Buddhism and promised to be defenders of the doctrine (Dharmapala). Padmasambhav, in his turn, promised to enroll them in the Mahayana pantheon. He claimed to have received his miraculous power from books that were given to him by a dakini (a demon goddess). At the end of fifty years Padmasambhav disappeared miraculously. He is represented as seated on a lotus in the asana position, legs locked; the right hand holds the vajra and the left, resting in his lap, the patra. He holds his special symbol, the khatvanga, pressed against his breast with his left arm.



パドマサンバヴはインド北部において、学識のある、タントラ(独自の教典に基づくヒンドゥー教または仏教的な密教)の聖者として知られる。8世紀の中頃、Thi-Sron Detsan 王はチベットに彼を招待した。パドマサンバヴはタントラの知識とその効果的な応用の知識を持つために、尊敬された。彼はチベットに50年間滞在し、僧院を作り、タントラの教義を教えた。彼はチベットの悪い神々を鎮圧し、仏教に帰依して教義の擁護者になることを約束したものたちだけを助けた。パドマサンバヴは彼らにマハヤナの神々の神殿に入ることを許した。彼はdakini(悪魔の女神)からもらった本から驚異的な力を授かったと主張した。50年間の終わりに、パドマサンバヴは不思議なことに消えてしまった。彼は蓮の上にasana の姿勢で座り、足は固定して、右手にヴァジラ(金剛)を持ち、左手はひざにもたれさせながら、特別なシンボルのthekhatvangaを胸に押し付けている。

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