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Sahasrabhuja Avalokitesvara is the cosmic form of Avalokiteswara. He is represented with eleven heads and one thousand arms. These arms are sometime marked with eyes. The eleventh head on the top is that of his parent Tathagata, Amitabha. The tenth head is terrifying and all others are placid. The principal pair of hands is held against the chest in the gesture of adoration while the uppermost hands hold the rosary and the full blown lotus. These four hands thus represent the aspect of the Bodhisattva known as Khacheri. The other four hands display the jewel and the gesture of charity on the right and the pot and bow and arrowon the left.



Sahasrabhuja AvalokitesvaraはAvalokiteswaraの宇宙的な形である。彼は11の頭と1000の手を持つ。それらの手は目を表す。一番上の頭は彼の親、Tathagata, Amitabhaを表す。10番目の頭は恐ろしく、ほかはすべて穏やかである。主要なふたつの手は胸の前におかれ、崇拝の気持ちを表し、他の上に向いている手は数珠や蓮の花を持つ。これらの4つの手はKhacheri(ボディサットヴァの一面)を表す。また、他の4つの手は右手に宝石と慈悲の心を持ち、左手に壷と弓矢を持つ。

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