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Rokujian is the name that Master Kampo gave to the tea house in the facility for the special residential short intensive courses of Nihon Shuji calligraphy school Sumera Gakuen, which was located atop of mountain range in Shiga Prefecture.


After Master Kampo passed away, the name Rokujian was given to the tea house at the Kampo Museum in Kyoto. This site had long been used not only for Master Kampo’s calligraphy demonstrations but also large and small tea ceremonies and other cultural events. The last event held at Rokujian tea house was coverage of the calligraphy by England’s Lonely Planet Traveller magazine.


Rokujian held warm memories for all, and the name was adopted to bring Master Kampo’s mind and as a new site for relaxation and refreshment and interchange called the Cafe/Gallery Rokujian – this facility was named by the late Shokei Harada, Master Kampo’s eldest son and the second master of the Kampo School of Calligraphy, who designed the inside and outside using memorable pieces of furnitures from his home in Kyoto, a big table brought back from NY Kampo, and wood for the floor and ceiling from Nagano for an intimate and natural atmosphere.

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